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Hygienic machinery parts for advanced processing systems

NHK Group continuously adopts new technologies to ensure our leading position in development and design of cutting edge hygienic machine parts.

Stainless machinery parts in hygienic design

All our hygienic machine parts are designed with a smooth surface which makes the cleaning easier and makes the use of a traditional shield unnecessary, which also minimises the risk of hidden contamination

Approved, tested and certified

NHK Group supply IP67 waterproof bearing units with USDA certificate, stainless feet and machine feet with FDA certificate and regular levelling feet, regular stainless steel bearing units and inserts and stainless miniature bearing units as well as plastic bearing units.

Our IP67 waterproof bearing units, stainless feet and machine feet comply with 3A and EHEDG regulation

Equipment risk management for food and drug processing industry

Avoid contamination of food through inadequately designed processing equipment and improve food safety without operating costs for cleaning and production hygiene skyrocketing.

Our hygienic machinery parts are used by leading food processing equipment manufacturers, our hygienic machinery parts designed for harsh environments under tough conditions.

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