Certified stainless levelling feet 

Stainless levelling feet

Are you in search of certified stainless levelling feet? Our machine feet are suitable for the food , pharmaceutical, medical and other demanding environments, due to the hygienic design and minimum of maintenance and cleaning. Our adjustable machine feet are used by leading food and packaging processing equipment manufacturers. Adjustable feet in hygienic design with rubber base for vibration reduction and anti-slip properties.

Certified levelling feet

Our hygienic adjustable leveling feet series are designed for the industries where continuously heavier demands on the material resistance and are designed for easy-to-clean. Industries like: medical equipment, food and pharmaceutical processing lines, packaging machinery, 3A design-meat & poultry processing equipment, dairy processing machines. Our leveling feet are certified.

Stainless levelling feet with extra hygienic design features and advantages

The spindles are smooth at the end towards the base and the threads are protected by a sleeve to ensure easy cleaning

Sealed hygienic design features and advantages

The spindle and base are sealed with silicone Oval-ring The sleeve is sealed with silicone O-ring to the smooth end of the spindle and is sealed to the mounting plate with silicone Oval-ring These features make sealed hygienic feet comply with 3A and EHEDG requirements
Our adjustable hygienic machine feet are used for leveling system in harsh environments under tough conditions

Certified levelling feet

Designed for heavy load in harsh environments under tough conditions

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