Gear motor in stainless steel type TENV and TEFC

The motors can be supplied in TENV (Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated) form with no fan or fan cowl – or – TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) with a fan and stainless fan cowl. The TENV motors are more popular as they are easier to clean. (It is difficult to clean under the fan cowl without removing it).

Stainless Steel motors suitable for the following industries

  • Food processing and production
  • Marine
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Anywhere that requires a very clean sanitized environment. It is assumed that these motors will be steam cleaned, or chemically cleaned every day to wash away any contamination.

Gear motor in stainless steel effiency

These motors can be supplied with EFF1, EFF2 and PREMIUM Efficiency levels and have been tested to IEC60034.2.1:2007 Method A. All the motors are suitable for use with Inverters and can be wound with special Inverter duty wire – if requested. All motors are supplied with 150 Deg. C. thermistors in the windings.

Gear motor in stainless steel mount frame

The motors are available in standard IEC frames from 63 to 160 in B3, B5, B35, and B14 configurations. The standard B3 foot mount motors can be easily modified to B5 or B14 for coupling to a suitable gearbox. The motors can also be produced to fit special OEM gearboxes such as SEW, Lenze, etc.

The standard Foot mount B3 motor can be easily modified to B3/B5 or B3/B14 by adding a separate flange ring. Likewise a B5 motor can be quickly and easily modified to be B14.

IEC and NEMA standard

Gear motor in stainless steel type TENV and TEFC, waterproof stainless gear motor in hygienic design, TENV totally enclosed non-ventilated, TEFC totally enclosed fan cooled.

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