NHK Group is a leading global provider of hygienic machinery parts for advanced processing systems.

Stainless steel equipment, levelling castors & load feet

Sustainable development and growth

It takes attention to many details to create sustainable and responsible production. We develop and design our products to be durable in harsh environments. We are leading global provider of sustainable stainless steel equipment, levelling castors, load feet and much more.

We start our contribution to the sustainable development, by producing products, which last long and can be 100% recycled.

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Stainless steel equipment – levelling castors, conveyor parts & load feet

We continuously develop and design our products to satisfy the increasing requirements of our customers. We offer a large range of stainless steel equipment such as levelling castors, conveyor parts and load feet.

NHK Group appreciates and understands the challenges of hygienic design faced by manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical processing equipment and we use our expertise and experience to supply high quality hygienic stainless steel equipment for advanced machine systems for the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical processing industry, such as levelling castors, conveyor parts and load feet. Browse all of our products

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Equipment risk management for food and drug processing industry

Avoid contamination of food through inadequately designed processing equipment and improve food safety without operating costs for cleaning and production hygiene skyrocketing.

Our certified levelling feet and other hygienic machinery parts are used by leading food processing equipment manufacturers, our hygienic machinery parts designed for harsh environments under tough conditions.